Tracking Software Solution

The TGA requires: 

• The privacy and confidentiality of individuals must be maintained at all times.  

• Consent should be obtained from the individual to allow the collection and testing to be carried out.  

• Collection of specimens must be performed with accurate identification of the person being tested and the person undertaking the testing, to ensure traceability of specimen collection to final result.    

• To ensure compliance with the conditions of supply and use of rapid antigen tests the site collection centre would need to:  

• Record how many tests were supplied to the employee  

• Identify who would be responsible for the remote supervision arrangements for that employee  

• Have protocols in place to facilitate remote supervision of testing  

• Have protocols in place for recording when testing is performed, by whom and who the supervising health practitioner (or trained person under their supervision) was.  

• Ensure availability of a health practitioner, or trained person under their supervision, at the time the employee needs to perform the test.  

• The health practitioner, or trained person under their supervision, would need to ensure:  

• Training is provided to each person on how to self-collect a sample and how to perform the test as per the instructions for use.  

• A copy of the instructions for use for the test is provided to the employee. This is particularly important as the tests come in boxes of 20 or more with only one copy of the instructions for use. All employees being provided the test need to have access to a copy of the instructions for use that is in the preferred language of the employee.  

• The employee is provided with instructions for how to access remote supervision (e.g. via mobile phone) and record and report results. 


A purpose built cloud based software application that assists you with running your COVID-19 rapid testing procedure.

The system is used for patient registration, capture of consent, testing workflow, results notification and reporting for point of careRapid Antigen Testing. Test results are automatically sent via text and emailed to recipients.



  • Cloud based web application.

  • Formal capture and storage of consent.

  • Encrypted storage of sensitive patient information.

  • Access controls | Auditable.

  • Procedural workflow management.

  • "Express Check-In" | Registration | Booking Capability

  • Tracking - Batch Number | Test Kit | Attendant | Patient | Symptoms.

  • Result Notifications | Vaccination history. *

  • Supports multiple test types.

  • Aggregated user data for analysis and reporting. Export results.

  • AMA Code of Ethics, TGA and Point of Care compliant.

  • Available on mobile, tablet and PC.

Protect against medical data breaches.

The Tracking Software offers the following features to protect you and your organisation:

Access controls.

Formal capture of consent.

Encrypted storage of sensitive patient information. Data is protected from misuse, interference or loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

AMA Code of Ethics and Point of Care compliant.

Fully auditable.

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