How accurate is the V-Chek Saliva Test?
The V-Chek Saliva test has a sensitivity of 95.65% (relative to a PCR test). A negative test result is always a snapshot and cannot replace general hygiene measures. It is in the very high sensitivity category on the TGA website. As per the IFU for the best results please don't eat drink or smoke 30 mins prior to the test being taken. 
Is the V-Chek Saliva effective for virus variants?
If used correctly, V-Chek Saliva test is also effective for all known variants as confirmed by WHO (World Health Organisation)
Is this product suitable and effective for children?
Yes. The V-CHEK Saliva test is particularly suitable for children, the elderly. Our instructions say 2 years and older
Is this product TGA approved for use in Australia? Yes, the V-Chek Saliva test is ARTG/ TGA approved Number 374065 for self testing and point of care testing
Is V-Chek a creditable brand? Yes. V-Chek has been available and used successfully throughout Europe and Germany, as well as being CE certified product. Millions are sold daily.
Does the blue dot have to appear?
No. The blue point is only used as an additional control and is not a prerequisite for a correct result. It is important that you keep the Saliva Test in your mouth for at least 90 seconds and enrich it with sufficient saliva.

Does this test require a medical practitioner to facilitate the test being undertaken?

NO. We are approved for self testing and Point of care testing so no medical practitioner is required